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in search of a blue ceiling

I’m on the hunt for a pale blue-gray paint for the ceiling in my client’s bathroom.  Nothing too sweet or bright or aqua or green.  And certainly not POW! there’s a big robin’s egg over your head.  I don’t want to ceiling to be the star, just a serene and subtle sky.

Like this only a bit lighter…


anna decker architects 

Here are some of the options I rounded up.  I’m grabbing some of these in sample size and test them out tonight on the ceiling.

cascade white

gray sky


icy cap

silver crest

Ugh.  Right now they’re all looking too dark on the screen.  Need to get some up on that fifth wall.  I’m leaning towards Horizon.   What do you guys think?  Have any suggestions?



powder room wallpaper options

Welcome to yellow hell.  Our powder room.  Yellow sink, toilet, floor, wainscoting (it’s everywhere).  At first I thought the wallpaper was kinda Anthro and maybe I could work with it….but no.  It’s weeds.

yellow bath



Dilbert sad face sink and the world’s least functional vanity.  Seriously….one tiny drawer???

Since we moved in, we took down the wallpaper which was also on the ceiling (!!!) and replaced the toilet, so there’s been some progress.  But obviously the yellow needs to go.  However I still want wallpaper on the upper walls.  The space is tiny (4×7 ft) and we all know powder rooms are a great place to be bold.  I’m thinking block print or paisley pattern and have narrowed it down to a few options, some of which are wa-hay out of our price range but dang they’re pretty.

bf818e1f81dd0c4e46a3d60f4ffdcd7bsanderson angel ferns

5005231-bakara-leaf-delft-by-fschumacherschumacher bakara leaf

44703schumacher rajasthan – top contender

VOLPI_WALLPAPER_304045WP_SLATE_NAVYquadrille volpi

burmesesister parish burmese

Who do I need to kill to make this gorgeousness happen?

175781-indian-arbre-hyacinth-by-fschumacherschumacher indian arbre

The tile wainscoting and floor are in great shape so my plan is to….cover them up.  Yep, I’m gonna lipstick right over that pig.


(I’m testing out Schumacher Kerala Paisley here but there’s too much white in it)

Horizontal tongue and groove paneling over the wainscoting, after I pop off all the extras like towel bars and soap holders, and vinyl plank “wood” floors.  We used Trafficmaster Allure in our old bathroom and loved it!

The wood on the wainscot, window trim, door casing and door will all be painted the same color…..but what color?  Not white, that I’m sure about.  I’m thinking a warm, medium gray or possibly a charcoal-green, something dark and moody.


ashwood moss

Benjamin Moore’s Ashwood Moss

Definitely not something too blue or cool.  What do you think?  What color would be a good contrast to the Schumacher Rajasthan?


Thanks for any input you have, guys!




bathroom renovation and reveal

A year ago, we finally took the plunge and renovated our upstairs bathroom.  It was the best and hardest thing DIY we’ve ever done.  (Keep in mind the porch and kitchen are still in shambles so we may have a new winner).  What a difference this renovation has made!  The project also gave us a lot of confidence because it was our first tiling and flooring experience.


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