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painted plywood subfloor

Oh…if only there was oak hiding under the green monster.


It’s no secret that my biggest regret about the new house is that it doesn’t have hardwood floors.  The original builders dropped bank on pink and yellow porcelain everywhere – plus 8 massage jets in the pink coffin of a shower – but hardwood floors…..nah.  Why put down something timeless when you can blanket the joint in emerald carpet?  So it’s on us to fix the situation.  Our plan is to install hardwood floors and finish them on-site ourselves in the dining room, living room and kitchen in the next few years, as we renovate.


In meantime, I couldn’t take the old and nasty green carpet in the dining room any longer.  So a couple weeks ago we finally got it out of there.  The subfloor was in good condition so I convinced my husband we could paint it as a temporary solution.  Despite the confidence I shined him on with, this idea had my skeptical too.  Would it be durable?  Would it chip easily?

But we forged ahead and the folks at Benjamin Moore led us to this porch and floor paint.  Here goes nothin’….


Oh yeah, muuuuch better.  The color is Aegean Olive BM.  It’s warm and earthy and mimics the look of hardwood.  A thousand times better than the green carpet.  It makes me smile every time I see it.


The can said it took 7-10 days for a full cure, so we decided to believe it and keep the room off-limits for 10 days.  However when the new seagrass rug arrived at Day 8, I caved and put it in there.  So far no problems with chipping.



Now the put the furniture back….

Next up we’re pulling out the planter box thing in the bay window and making it a proper window seat.  For the cover I’m thinking neutral.  A box edge cushion in linen-like performance fabric with navy piping.

I can’t believe we lived with that green carpet for a year.  Shudder.  I mean, sneeze.  So far the finish has been very easy on the feet too.  No splinters from the plywood.  And no, we didn’t sand it first.  I think the primer and 3 coats of porch paint helped with that.

So what do you think….are we crazy?  Do any of you have painted floors?