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loving lately {chintz}

 Until recently floral patterned fabric hasn’t been something I gravitate toward.  So perhaps now there are two signs that I’m rapidly approaching the big 3-7.  One, the fact that I slather olive oil on my face every day.  (THIS is another fave).  And two, chintz is totally catching my eye.  I love how it’s not dowdy when mixed with modern or simple pieces.

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elizabethmeyhewgrayowlElizabeth Mayhew via Southern Inspirations



Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock

lauren liess pure style home chintz settee pyne hollyhock schumacher living roomSouthern Living

Southern Living did a great feature on chintz recently.  A fabulously grandma-esque floral is now on my list of things to get at Lorraine Fabric in Pawtucket.

What are your thoughts?  Is it too old lady-ish?  Not sure I could “Honey, trust me” a floral couch past my husband.