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tour of the new/old house

We moved!  Only about a mile but holy crap, guys.  Buying a house while selling one and the emotional upheaval of leaving home is HARD.  Duh, Erin , you’re probably saying and I swear we tried to prepare ourselves for how hard it would be to leave our first home.  The one we nestled our babies into, the cozy one with great vibes that we fixed up.  We’re a family of comfort junkies and homebodies – this is not our jam.

While we’re hopeful about this next step and know it’s the right decision in the long run, it was bittersweet to leave the old house.  Not to the mention the sick irony that we won’t get to enjoy our first winter with insulated walls.  Shudder.  But we wish the new owners all the best and hope they’ll be as happy there as we were.

(The “new” powder room….yikes)

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