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striped vs seagrass stair runner

I’m this close to ripping up our heinous stair runner.  It makes my eyes bleed.  But before we can put down something of the non-gross variety, there’s a boatload of work ahead of me.  I need to sand and refinish the stair treads, paint the banister and spindles, and deal with the trim which still has remnant carpet fibers stuck to it.  Clearly I’m chomping at the bit to do all this.


That’s not nearly as much fun as fantasizing about stair runners.  I’ve narrowed it down to either black-bound seagrass (possibly THIS one) or stripes.

Rachel’s staircase has been my main inspiration for the whole shebang.  I love the neutral texture of the seagrass and the way the black binding looks against the white stair risers.  Our banister is almost identical to this one and will definitely be painted black.

southern exposuresouthern exposure

Here Carol uses the same Safavieh runner I’m thinking of using.  I love the subtle chevron pattern.


But maybe a striped runner?  To match the almost-exclusively striped wardrobe my kids and I rock.  (It’s a sickness).  Our foyer rug is an antique from ecarpet gallery which I love, and while I can’t promise another persian won’t hop in our car someday, I’m pretty sure the foyer rug will never be striped….so it’s okay for the stair runner to be.


But of course all the striped runners I love are super expensive wool or jute.  And spending $600-plus on this item isn’t gonna happen.

But aren’t they lovely?

tom sheerer house beautifulhouse beautiful


This staircase from an ancient issue of Domino has always been a favorite.

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We could go the more affordable striped route with something from Dash and Albert.  This blue awning is pretty.

charming doodlecharming doodle

Or this black and white striped one…

Staris-23-After-Straight-Up1young house love

But in the end I’m leaning towards the seagrass for durability, texture and the pop of black on the border.  I worry that the white parts of a striped runner will get show dirt too much and plus stripes will favor pretty heavily in the other fabrics I have planned for the house (i.e. pillows, ottoman).  What do you guys think?  Stick with the classic seagrass?



cyber weekend to the rescue

*** I promise a full tour of the new house in a couple days***

What’s the upside of moving around the holidays?  SALES!  The new house needs, basically, everything.  It’s kinda scary especially for non-hoarder cheapskates like us.  Our old house had so many windows and doorways and radiators there wasn’t much room for furniture.  Obviously we’re not making any big purchases right away but blinds and rugs for a couple rooms needed to happen.

I’ve been plotting design schemes for the kid’s rooms.  This is their first move so getting them settled and cozy is a priority for me.  Here’s the as-of-this-minute design board for June’s room.  Trying not the change my mind….again.

june room

June asked for pink walls (BM Wild Aster is my first choice) so I wanted to balance that with a not-so-sweet rug.  We picked up the one above from Overstock – it’s indoor/outdoor too.  Bonus!

Blinds also are a necessity.  I used these blinds in our old kitchen and loved them.  They have great color and texture and don’t cost a fortune.  It felt strange to pull the trigger on 15 of them but I put on my big girl pants and did it.


Finally, we needed some kind of floor covering in the dining room because the old, funky green carpet is coming up ASAP.  My eyes, not to mention my allergies, can’t handle it.  I took a chance on this olive green bound seagrass rug.  Fingers crossed it doesn’t turn out to be sage.  Shudder.


I promise a full tour of the new digs is coming in a couple days….see you then!