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my first trip to brimfield

Last week I finally made the pilgrimage to Brimfield Antiques Show!  My stepmom and her boyfriend were out for a visit (yes, she’s still my stepmom even though she’s not married to my dad anymore) so the three of us set our alarms for pitch dark o’clock and headed out.  Caution – iPhone pics ahead.


I’d read a bunch about parking etc and what to expect, and had downloaded the Brimfield Flea Finder app, so we were fairly prepared.  The app also said there’d be clam cakes and fried haddock sandwiches but that was a lie.  A vicious lie.  I put on a solid mile of extra steps trying to find those clam cakes.

Given all the hype about Brimfield, my expectations were pretty high.  This was the mecca where my wildest hunter gatherer dreams would come true, right?  I’d find all the weird cool (and affordable) stuff I didn’t even know I needed.  And we’d live happily ever after, Julia Roberts laughing about how we found each other at Brimfield.  Oh chic vintage cheetah statues flanking my fireplace….you’re the best.  


This was not to be.  At one point, I asked how much a nude painting cost and was told $1,200.  Twelvehundredfrickingdollars.  So I stood there, pretending to consider the offer, in my filthy Converse and disintegrating LL bean rain jacket.  Then bolted from the tent before I broke something.  What the florp?  You know what would make this all better?  A clam cake.


Call me crazy but not much of what I saw blew my hair back.  It was either too Colonial or mid century or industrial.  And a lot of what I did see and love was out of my price range.  Overscale art apparently all costs $600.


Mostly I was on the hunt for a 3×5 rug but finding one in the right size and color with just the right amount of wear, at a price I could stomach, was not easy.  This little cutie came close but ultimately I passed.


In my defense, New Bedford has some amazing antique-ing and junking in town, so I was expecting that x10.  All in all, I would totally give Brimfield another shot.  For the spectacle and because you never know, maybe next time the stars will align.

The ginger jars on the right here….I really wanted to take two of those home.  But they were $150 each.


What do you all think of the show?  What are your favorite things you’ve found there?  Does it live up to the hype?  Maybe I’m just too used to finding deals in New Bedford.  Or am I just enticing you to come down here and raid my secret spots?  Nevermind, nothing to see here….


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  1. Erin,
    I’ve been to Brimfield a few times and if you want to find deals you are better off going across the street. You have to really look through the “junk”. I agree with you about the prices at Brimfield’s main fields, they are priced high, especially for someone like myself who has been collecting for about 35 years. One of my favorite places to antique was in Wareham but they moved to New Bedford about 7 years ago and there was another really great one that was right off the first NB exit but they moved to another location a few streets away. I’m sure you have shopped at both of them. Have you ever tried church thrift shops? I’ve gotten some great deals at those. You have to keep checking because they are always getting new donations.

    • says:

      We definitely have some great (and huge) antiques malls here in NB. The Salvation Army in Wareham is pretty good too. Friday I’m heading out to the new World Market in Hyannis and plan to stop at their Goodwill too. We’ll see if it has any good stuff.

      • My October Country Living magazine has a text code for 15% off at World Market. It says text COUNTRY to 95730 (inside ad on the back cover). Happy shopping! I love seeing your finds and how you incorporate them in this new house!

  2. Whether you go back to Brimfield or your local antique/thrift shops, PLEASE be on the lookout for the Robinson Ransbottom pedestal that goes with the jardiniere I found at Brimfield. Please. One of the dealers had it…

  3. I’ve always wanted to go, but you’re making me feel good for missing it the 12 years I lived in Providence. If you really want to find deals, get on a plane and come to Atlanta for the Scott’s antique shows. They’re monthly. I’ll get you a clam cake.

  4. Sorry it was so disappointing. I haven’t been and just live a few hours away, but now I feel much better about not going (and I have too much stuff anyway!).

  5. Your post totally echoed my own experience with Brimfield 5 years ago. Fun to visit, but I couldn’t buy anything.

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