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One Room Challenge – classic mudroom REVEAL

We made it!  One Room Challenge is doooone.  And this one was no joke – doing all the work ourselves while working full-time jobs and wrangling two crazy kids, who never stop eating or wrestling.  The majority of the work was new to us – laying floor tile, installing woodwork, building the bench and cubby, and let’s not forget entirely rebuilding the floor.  I owe my husband an enormous debt of gratitude for all he did and to our generous friends who loaned us tools and gave us advice and helped us along the way.

A big thank you to Linda from Calling It Home for opening up the ORC to linking participants and loads of thanks to all of you for lighting a fire under our butts with your support.

Let’s revisit the scary BEFORE, shall we?


Oh hi 1950’s, sure I’d love to store my….canned goods and clear plastic babushka here???

Then things got much worse…..


After re-building the floor joists, we started the One Room Challenge with this blank slate.  Notice the highly effective ceiling light.


And here’s the AFTER










Shiplap walls + herringbone floors + black doors.  Is there anything better?







I’m still painting the doors so don’t look too closely there and the styling is in flux as always…but I love it so much!  I can’t believe this is a room in our house.  This is also the curtain call on major house projects for us in 2015.  We’re fried.  Our 1 year anniversary of moving into the house is approaching and we tackled a lot in that time.  Now we’re ready to get our holidays on.  Eating, drinking, hiking, parties, Christmas music, general not working on the mudroom merriment.

Thanks for stopping by to check things out!  Be sure to pop over to Calling It Home and see the gorgeous transformations cooked up by the ORC featured participants and linking participants.  Super talent, everywhere.

Play catch up on our transformation here….

week 1 // week 2 // week 3 // week 4 // week 5





I’m always nosy about how much a project set somebody back so I’ll just tell you.  We added up all the receipts and the entire project – from floor joists to accessories – cost $2,500.

wall and trim color – Benjamin Moore White Dove
door color – Benjamin Moore Mopboard Black
ceiling color – Benjamin Moore Moonshine
floor tile – Ivetta black slate from Lowe’s
ceiling light – Bellacor
mirror and antler hook – Hobby Lobby
woven basket – Home Goods
gray bins and coat hooks – Lowe’s
plaid scarf – TJ Maxx
orange tray – West Elm
art – Cove Antiques
odds and ends – shopping our house

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  1. Wow Erin, it looks incredible! Those befores are terrifying (I mean that kindly) but the afters are awesome. I really love that light, those floors, and the walls. Fine, I love it all – it is just that good. Working parents, busy kids, and learning new DIY skills all make for a tough road – but you guys pulled it off so well. Congrats!

    • says:

      Thank you, Brit! I may have heard my husband mutter that he was never doing another ORC again. Poor dude. But he’s really happy with how it turned out so it was worth it.

  2. Erin, congratulations!! It looks fabulous!!! I can only imagine all the hard work that went in to that room and it definitely shows! You and your husband make a good team!! I think my favorite part is that it isn’t all shiplap. You combined shiplap with molding which is different and looks so great. I also love the legs of the bench!! Congrats again and go get yourself a babysitter and go out and celebrate!!

  3. Erin I love every single solitary aspect of this mudroom makeover!! The floor, the shiplap, the white & black, the gorgeous stained wood. It’s gorgeous!!!!

  4. Erin,
    Oooommmmmggggg! I am in love!!!! You are beyond talented, this mudroom is to die for…. Absolutely love everything you did in there (and Nick too)☺️! You so need a spot in HGTV!

  5. All the superlatives! You guys did a great job. This room is such an improvement. Enjoy the holidays. Cocktails in the mudroom!

    • says:

      Thanks, Amy! I’m not ashamed to say I sometimes just go in there….and sit…and look around.

  6. Wow!! Look at you and your husband!! That’s an amazing transformation. It’s so beautiful; I’d never want to leave the mudroom. Not only do I love the flooring, shiplap walls and molding – I also love all the little details like the antler hook. Awesome job!!

    • says:

      Thanks Kate! After all that work, we now get to live with this room in our house. Pretty psyched.

  7. Wow, fabulous transformation!

  8. Erin not only did you pull it off, you did it brilliantly! You didn’t miss on any detail! Love, love, love that light! Please keep blogging even if you are on a decorating/building hiatus.

    • says:

      Wow thanks Denise! There are plenty of short money or no money projects around here so I’ll be sure to keep posting. 😉

  9. Erin! You blow my mind. Seriously! I am in awe. I want shiplap in my bedroom. is that weird?
    How do you do this? I don’t always brush my teeth! You are my hero. You and nick both. true new england heroes.

  10. Alrighty, so this is pretty much perfect. I love how you didn’t overdecorate it – you always do the best wall decor. And as I mentioned before, your color palette is flawless. I’m in awe of the fact that you guys did all of the work yourselves. Bravo – congratulations! And what a sweet reward!

  11. It looks amazing! The details came together perfectly.

  12. The floors!!! love! gorgeous!

  13. This came out beautiful! I love, love, love the floors. Congratulations on finishing, and enjoy the holidays.

    We just bought an OLD house in Fairhaven (after restoring/updating an 1838 beauty in New Bedford), and you give me inspiration. Which is good…..we need A LOT of inspiration.

    • says:

      Thanks Julie! Let me know if you ever need help with a room. 🙂 Our old house in NB was 1890’s. Sigh, I loved that house.

      • Thank you! I will remember to pick your brain at some point. Can’t wait to see the rest of your projects! Old homes…a labor of love for sure. 🙂

  14. Love everything. Great job!! Now enjoy the holidays!

  15. You guys did SOOOO good!! Man, that tile is perfection, I would just lay on it all day. I still am so amazed at what all y’all did in here just to get it to the point of where a normal room makeover starts. Big cheers to you!!

    • says:

      Thanks Emily! I sometimes go in there and just sit. And look. So happy we pulled this one off.

  16. Erin, y’all did an incredible job!! I love your mix of materials, and that floor is just so beautiful. This is exactly what I would want if I had the space. Great job – y’all should be super proud of your DIY! Congrats on a great ORC!

  17. I love this so much! We used the same HB mirror. Great job lady!

  18. You did such an amazing job! Love the walls and the mirror… and just everything else! The light fixture is gorgeous, and just perfect for the space! Congratulations!

  19. Great job Erin! Looks really really good!

  20. Wow…just wow! Such a transformation. I absolutely love the way this turned out. Want to come do my mudroom next? :-p

  21. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wow! That is beyond different than what it was. You are transforming that 50s house into a beautiful New England/ocean home. Nice going to you and Nick. Relax and enjoy. Laughed so hard at the canned goods and plastic babushka comment. Ah, Memories…..

  22. Erin, this is perfect! I love the classic gloss black, the floors, the shiplap, the lighting! Way to go and I’d say you deserve to take a break and enjoy the holidays! Cheers my friend!

  23. I hope you happy hour in this mudroom every single night from now until Christmas. You deserve it! It looks fantastic. I mean, really. Congratulations! You are going to enjoy this room every time you walk in that door. And I love that antler hook. Awesome.

  24. Wow what a project! You accomplished so much in just six weeks. I love the vintage feel of the completed space. Great job.

  25. Erin, I love what you did this space and the I am happy you did not modernize the space too much…You kept the charm of the older house but updated it in a way that it does not take away from the charm of the home.

    • says:

      Thanks Jessica! We’re trying to make this house look older than the 1950’s so I’m glad we succeeded in bringing it back in time.

  26. Clean and classy, and not overstyled – great job on the renovation!

  27. OH my gosh! I LOVE this. I would have never been able to imagine that the after could look so good! Seriously, that before picture … scary! =) Awesome job!

  28. Best mudroom ever!!!! It looks amazing and you came a long way in a short time…. like no floor to those gorgeous herringbone floors!! I love it all. So bright and functional but so fantastic looking. Way to go!

  29. wow, great job!! just as everyone else has said all the aspects of the room came together beautifully 🙂

  30. That is absolutely gorgeous!!! I cannot believe how far it has come since those first couple pictures. Beautiful job!

  31. This is crazy good!!! As I slowly make my way through all the rooms, I continue to be impress and inspired. FANTASTIC!! And for what it’s worth, my family never wants to hear the words One Room Challenge. Rest up, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy New Year, and let’s do this again 🙂

    • says:

      Thanks Linda! The challenge helped us make this room a reality. And yes, I heard my husband muttering under his breath a few times about never helping me again. But it was worth it.

  32. What a stunning mudroom!!! I love it all! Congrats on finishing!

  33. Take a bow! You and your husband killed it with all of your hard work. I would love to have such a great space to walk into and of course the planking and herringbone floors are killing me:)


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