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one room challenge – foyer closet {week 1}

It’s ORC time!!! (Liz Lemon’s Oprah voice)

And despite residual stress-twitching from our mudroom renovation, we’re jumping back in.  Thank you, Linda, at Calling It Home for the kick in pants that is this mayhem!  Here’s a peek at my two other ORC rooms.

Mudroom, fall 2015 – this room saves our bacon on the daily.


Vintage boy’s room, spring 2015 – still super love this room, even with the scars on my feet from Legos.


This time we’re taking on a more manageable project – the foyer closet in our front hall.  No, it’s not a super sexy project….but it is super ugly.  According to the ORC code, I have 6 weeks to transform this disaster.  Get ready to be embarrassed for us.


So poorly lit, it can barely be photographed.

The ceiling is brown.

I believe the wallpaper is from the limited edition 1964 Snake with the Stomach Flu collection.  Very rare.  Ooooh…and matching (I use that word liberally) sponge-painted trim?

Please, humans – don’t do this to your walls.


The amount of scallop trim in this house is mind-boggling.

But it’s not all bad.  Here’s the upside.

  • It’s spacious (~12 square feet)
  • The wraparound shelf
  • The shoe nook
  • The laundry chute! (It has two entrances – one in the upstairs hallway and one here.  Word.)

*Here’s a cool article about the history of laundry chutes*

Obviously we use this space for coats and shoes but it’s also a storage closet.  Although right now it’s a disorganized dumping ground for crap and needs to be wa-aaay more functional.  And bear less resemblance to fungus.

Think… English library vibe.  I want to take this sucker from bad green to good green.

farrow and ball

The tricky part will be finding the right shade of green for this windowless nook.  I’m thinking a mid-tone mix of leafy green and sage-but-not-in-a-1990’s-kind-of-way.

country living

James F. Carter via Habitually Chic

Maybe army green instead?

kate marker interiors

Here’s the plan…..

Dreamy green everything
Vintage style light fixture
Antique rug
Woven baskets
Brass accents

Stay tuned for total annihilation of the funky snakeskin and be sure to check out what my other ORC peeps are cooking up, both the featured participants and the guests.  There’s never a shortage of talent and inspiration in this challenge!

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  1. Your plan is so gorgeous! I’m only sad all this lovliness will be confined to a closet. When I first saw your IG post, I thought it was your kitchen! I cannot wait to follow along.

  2. Omg – how can you think of changing that wall treatment? Lol – it is quite amazing. I was psyched to see your posting in the link-up and so glad you are participating this round!! A worthwhile project for sure, and I can’t wait to see what you do!

  3. ORC is like blogger Christmas!! 6 weeks of eye candy 😉 would u mind sharing the dark green colour? Thank you!

  4. Promise me you’ll keep the sponge painting. Just kidding! 🙂 I love the colors you chose, and this will be a fun project to follow. (PS: I love the boy’s room!)

    • says:

      I’m sponge painting the whole house. It is so choice. 😉 Thank you, Stacy!

  5. If this space is anything like your mudroom, it’s going to be beautiful! I love those mudroom floors!

    • says:

      Thanks, Brittany! Me too – those mudroom floors hide insane dirt. It’s gross once you sweep up but brilliant other than that.

  6. Oh my gosh! That is so funny. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a closet quite like that! I loved your green boys room so I know you are going to knock this out of the park. Excited to follow along! Also, I am a former Illinois girl too…just moved to Connecticut and LOVE it! xo

    • says:

      Midwest broads are the best. Thank you for your sweet comment! This closet is…..special. :\

  7. Everything you do is terrific so I am sure you will conquer the fungus with aplomb.

    • says:

      Seriously….*what* were they thinking with this wallpaper? Thanks, Emily! It can’t get any uglier.

  8. HAAAAAAAA. 1964 snake with the stomach flu – bwhaahahahaha. LOVE that green – so excited to watch this transformation!! PS how do I miss the boat every year on the ORC? I always feel like it’s a party and my invite got lost in the mail. Can I invite myself next year??

    • says:

      Steph, you should totally do it this fall! There’s no invite. It starts the first Thursday of every April and October. You just jump in and link your page at Calling it Home. It’s a great community-building event, everyone is super supportive and kind. It’s a fun kick in the pants if you have a room to makeover. For a low level IG-er and blogger like myself, it’s a great way to branch out and get my “work” out there. I’m trying to drum up local design clients around here. Though currently I have 206 problems in Cape Cod Bay and all of them are right whales.

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