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one room challenge – foyer closet {week 2}

It’s so relaxing to do an ORC that doesn’t involve installing new floor joists.  (I’m looking at you, mudroom).

This is a cake walk in comparison, which probably means I punked out on the difficulty this round.  Or my general euphoria could be from all the primer fumes.  Oil based primer in a windowless closet = Lalapolooza 1994 level of getting high.  And not in a good way.

As you may recall – that is, if you haven’t been huffing Zissner like me – this is the situation in our 60’s snakeskin foyer closet.

Popping off scallop trim like it’s our job.

The old light fixture is in the garbage and we’re painting the ceiling and priming everything.

The wallpaper is in excellent shape, though ugly as sin, so I decided to leave it up and cover it with horizontal planks.  Now…before you roll your eyes and fall asleep in your chowder, I promise this won’t be a boring Fixer Upper white box.

Remember these luxurious bastards?

BM Forest Hills Green  //  BM Palace Green  //  BM Alligator Alley

Yep, these are totally different greens than my initial go at it.  Picking the right color for this windowless closet is hard!  I’m on round two of samples.

Before I decide on a color though, the wallpaper and trim had to be primed and the light fixture installed so the color decision wouldn’t be related at ALL to the old closet vibe.

My apologies for the crappy nighttime photos but….it’s Week 2.  Good lord, why does our trim look lime green?

The primer doesn’t have to be perfect because we’re just planking over it.  But I plan to paint the nickel-sized gaps between the boards so we just primed everything.

I’m not buying another round of samples though….the final color is somewhere on that wall.  It’s decision time.  I promise they look much better in person and when photographed during the day.

Our shiplap boards have been bought, cut in 6″ wide planks and primed, so we’re firing up the air nailer this weekend.  After that, we get down to the fun stuff – rug, hardware, art, and storage bins.

Hop over to Calling it Home and see how knee-deep in dust everybody else is.  Week 2 is always ugly.




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  1. Green is the best. I’d have a hard time. They all look so good.

  2. I like the green on the far left in the last picture! My bathroom from the last ORC had green shiplap and I still love it so much! (Plus green is much easier to keep clean than white!!)

  3. It’s coming right along! I love the idea of green shiplap too.

  4. So many good color choices! Love the upper right one. Green planking will be phenomenal! I’m envious of how cool, calm and collected you are. When I did the girls closet for the ORC I started crying after my 52 pink sample went up as though it was the most important decision of my life. Also the amount I spent on paint samples and the energy it took to correctly throw all that paint away. Yikes! Never again.

    • says:

      I totally fall down the rabbit hole of paint samples. Oddly enough, BM Palace Green was my initial choice when I first wanted green in this closet almost a year. But then I got off track and tried other options. Dummy.

  5. Somehow I never realized how huge that closet is! It’s really a mini room! I BEG of you only one thing in this house – never, EVER do anything to that floor! I truly adore it!

    • says:

      Fixing the lighting really helps too with being able to see the size of the space. Thanks, Denise!

  6. That closet is bigger than I originally thought. I love that you are planking and not going white. So many pretty greens to choose from…xo

    • says:

      Seriously! Getting a more functional light in there helped us see how much space we had.

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