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one room challenge – foyer closet {week 3}

Nothing like the gentle hum of the air nailer to rattle your fillings out.

Welcome to Week 3 of the One Room Challenge!  This is the time to seriously crank on work…and thanks to my lovely contractor husband, we did.

The closet is full of corners and the area around the laundry chute was particularly tricky but my husband did an amazing job on the faux shiplap.  Though you should have seen his face when I kindly requested the corners be mitered super tight, caulked and look seamless #sorrybabe.

Last week, we narrowed our paint color options.  When it comes to choosing wall color, I’m like a hyper Pomeranian – very easily distracted by the next chew toy (i.e. color) – but I tried to ratchet down my level of crazy this time.

After testing a totally reasonably number of samples (7), I landed on Palace Green from Benjamin Moore.  It has a skosh of blue and yellow in it.

I didn’t want any white primer to show between the nickel-sized gaps in the boards (if that was even possible), so I impulsively started painting a stripe every 6″….with a 5″ roller….soon realizing that meant essentially putting a coat of paint under planks.  Oh well, that’s why I bought a gallon.  And it gave me a chance to really test out the color.  Heart eyes!  It’s not sage.  Not emerald green.  Not hunter green.  It’s perfect.

The crown molding is next on our to-do list.

Then installing and re-orientating the new closet rod and adding coat hooks.

Lowe’s.  $3.50 a pop.  Mic drop.

The paint was giving me animal print vibes so I put on my leopard flats for this shot.  Give *in* to the crazy….let it wash over you….

What do you guys think of the color?  My husband says it looks like an avocado (stone-face emoji).

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  1. Love the color! I normally grab a tiny paint brush and try to get every single angle. Your way is probably better. 😉

  2. Love love love the color!! You nailed it. So impressed with your husband’s work. How much does he love the One Room Challenge? ?

    • says:

      Ha! Thankfully he’s a good sport. He’s even been talking crazy about doing a full demo on our yellow powder room for ORC this fall.

  3. you’re my inspiration for going with a green colour in my powder room 🙂 and those hook rock 🙂 I got them in a different finish in my en suite and love them so much!

  4. I think it is the perfect green! love it! So nice of your hubby to help out, he does amazing work! Oh and I love your leopard shoes, so cute!
    Julie @ Love My Simple Home

  5. I love avocados! But this is no avocado 😉 It’s a green with depth and will look fab on that expertly mitred shiplap.

  6. Leopard shoes are perfect for any ORC moment #leopardisaneutralright
    Love that green!!

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