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new art in the dining room

After Christmas I painted the dining room lavender and planned to load the walls up with crazy/cool/unique art.  This is easier said than done.  Needless to say, it’s been a slow process.  There were only three pieces of art on the wall until recently when I finally got an awesome fourth one!  Breakneck speed, I know.  The reason for the feet-dragging is partly because I’m cheap but also didn’t want to pull the trigger on art I wasn’t super in love with or that was mass produced.  (*whispering*….Am I the only who thinks Minted is 90% boring and spenny?  If I see another picture of a pineapple….shhhh, they can probably hear me)

Now that that act of blogger treason is out of the way…..

I knew the space needed a few black and white pieces to anchor things and balance the sweetness of the lavender walls.  Then I would add a bunch of other quirky/colorful pieces in between.

I started with this Matthew Korbel-Bowers print called Burnt Mountain.  I love the shape and graphic punch.  Yes, it’s technically mass-produced….let’s not talk about it.

This little ocean art over the light switch is from Salvation Army in Wareham.  I think it’s a painted photograph actually.  No clue though, it was $2.

Next I found a photograph of an ancient Italian ruin in the attic at an estate sale.

It cost 25 cents.  The photo says the picture was taken in 1891 but I’m not sure when this print itself was actually made.  I had it framed at Michaels with a coupon because the print was odd-sized.

Then nothing happened on the art hunt for a shamefully long time.  I finally decided to start with one section of wall, just like knocking over the first domino, and make a decision.  One really good decision and it would all tumble from there.  I hope.

My search started on Etsy for black and white photos of Chicago – I grew up just outside the city and lived in Logan Square with my husband before we went to grad school.  I was looking for shots of the El or some of the city’s amazing architecture.  Then found this print from Saltwater and Vanilla on Etsy and literally gasped.

My grandparents, who I lived with growing up, went to the Palmer House Hotel on their honeymoon!  I still have their bill from 1947 and a postcard they saved from the hotel.

Charge for the radio.  75 cents.

Digging these out of my bin of old photos, I found this adorableness of my Grandma.  A pin with a faux mug shot.

The Palmer print is in an Ikea Ribba frame for now but I want to get it professionally framed down the line.

Shockingly, taking these photos at 6:30 am in a north-facing room wasn’t a good idea.  But….I love the print so much!  Kinda retro/Deco.  The lights.  There’s just something about it.

Which is obviously the beautiful thing about art.  What you hang on your walls should call your name and make you smile.  That visceral reaction when you walk past it.

Hopefully it won’t take me another 6 months to get more art in this room.  And daymmmmn we need to have a bench cushion made for the window seat.

Okay I’m out….Happy Friday everyone!


a glimpse of my day job

I don’t usually post pictures from my real job, in part because I spend more time these days in meetings than on boats.  (Spending 12+ hours a day on a small boat with no bathroom is for the young).  Also I can’t publish many of my best shots taken in US waters due to endangered species permit restrictions.  Right whales are high maintenance like that.  But I’ve always loved photography and when you spend enough time in the field with a camera in your hand…..the art-y marine biologist shots start to pile up.

The other day I was cleaning out some camera cards and came across a few good shots I’d completely forgotten about.  So figured I’d share….all photos taken by me over the years.

This was literally my view for much of the year 2000.  The stern of a gillnet boat.  Not pictured is a pickle bucket for a bathroom that you unfortunately saw the sternman taking a dump in earlier.  Why he had to do this in the wheelhouse, I’ll never know.

Provincetown, from an airplane the size of a Hyundai Elantra

Very large white shark and a dead humpback whale

From the Discovery Channel show “Jaws Comes Home.”  Alternate title “Erin spends 9 hours standing on the roof of the wheelhouse with no shade and no railing.”

Discovery Channel crew

Gotta love those Fundy tides

Salem Common from the air.  Nick and I got married in that stone rotunda.

Grand Manan Island

Maybe boat life isn’t so bad, except for the pickle bucket.  I prefer to hang a ham off the gunwales.  Feel the breeze on my butt cheeks.