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front yard makeover

It all started with the wonky lamp post.  We weren’t planning on tackling the front yard landscaping right this second but then my husband got a wild hair about the lamp post and it all snowballed from there.

IMG_5258the view of our front yard last summer

My plan was always to scrap the lamp post.  It’s not like our front yard is so wide we need a beacon to lead people up to the house.  It’s the city – we’re a stone’s throw from the sidewalk.  A big lantern sconce to the left of the door is a better choice.  Something to balance the powder room window on the other side.

IMG_5274removing the metal railing was the right move!

This Allen + Roth beauty from Lowe’s is high on style but doesn’t break the bank.  Sold!  I got the 22” tall version.


BUT in order to figure out the exact sconce placement, we need to finalize plans for the front door, like removing the useless shutters and beefing up the trim.  I also want to paint the trim and front door the same color to amp it up more, especially since we’ll be going shutter-less eventually, when we paint the house white.

Holly’s color scheme is one of the options I’m considering.  Warm white siding, gray door and door trim, black accents (lighting, door hardware, plants….more on that later).  And she used our exact Allen + Roth sconce here.  How gorgeous is this?

holly mathis grayholly mathis

I love the simplicity of this matching door and trim.

gray front doorlisa tharp

In a surge of optimism, we started taking down the door shutters.

What the lazy bullshit is this???  Sure, let’s just paint around the shutters.  Turns out they did this on all the shutters, except the one to the left of the door.


The former owner’s mother is cuckoo and does slow drive-bys of our house on a daily basis.  She doesn’t stop to chat mind you, just slowly drives by and stares at us, even when we’re outside.  I may need to give her the finger next time.

Since we’re definitely NOT painting the house this year, we need to short-term this action.  Eyeball the width of the soon-to-be wider trim, put the sconce up in generally the right spot and color match the siding so we can paint over the shutter tan line.  For now.


Okay, back to that snowball effect.  We then ripped up the last of the pachysandra and discovered more peony shoots.  Last year I moved some peony bulbs from the forest of pachysandra so we’d have matching bushes flank the walkway.


The one on the right was established when we moved in and I’m not sure why they didn’t plant its twin on the other side.  Symmetry, people, symmetry.  So we put the newly-discovered bulbs in on the left side with the ones I transplanted last year to beef it up.  I expect the new bush won’t flower this year (too stressed) but it’ll be fine in the long run.

And we moved the purple mophead hydrangeas from the walkway and put them next to the blue lacecap hydrangeas that flank the stoop.

Then my husband says “Remind me again your plans for the walkway.”  Dwarf boxwoods and little limes, baby!


The dwarf English boxwoods we planted were only $8 each at Lowe’s.  I need to add one or two more to each side though, to make more of a hedge.


The bed on the left, behind the soon-to-be planted little limes, will get tightened up and grass planted there. To more match the bed on the right.

It’s Friday!  We’ll be gardening all weekend.  I can’t wait!

What are your thoughts, guys?  Are we on the right path?