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lavender dining room

You may have seen on Instagram that I painted the dining room lavender over Christmas break.  This seems like a blatant crazy pants idea, even to me, who bought the paint, wielded the roller and purposefully made our dining room purple.  But stay with me, guys – this might be a good idea.  If it doesn’t turn out like an Easter egg.

Some background info….a year ago we did a mini renovation of our dining room, after living with the famous Pepto pink mural for a long time.  As many of you know, painting over the mural was a difficult decision (IG peeps had all the feels about this) but not even the glow of a thousand candles could make this shade of pink flattering.

This picture makes it seem ok but trust me, it was awful.

from the MLS listing

At dinner parties, I prefer my skin NOT to resemble rotten meat.  Also I think the artist used Side Show Bob as a model for those trees.

So, we ripped out the ancient emerald green carpet (oh the dunes of dust under there), painted the subfloor, and painted over the mural.

Notice the planter in the window….we’ll get back to that later

When we did the makeover, it was February (aka. zero daylight, vampire feelings) and I didn’t have a wall color picked out, so I just went with white (BM Swiss Coffee).  After the dank pink walls and green carpet monstrosity, this was a breath of fresh air, but a more permanent decision about the walls had to be made eventually.  For almost a year the inspiration lightning bolt did not strike.

Then right before Christmas I got this in my inbox from Habitually Chic.  The lavender entryway in Kate Spade’s NYC apartment.

I love how the traditional wainscoting and polished floors play off the unexpected wall color, plus the salon-style art on the walls is amaze-balls.  Touches of black look incredible with this color too.

Now…this color may seem a little close to the old pink dining room but I decided to go for it anyway.  However it wasn’t easy finding the perfect lavender-taupe-y shade that didn’t scream baby’s room or old pink dining room.  I went through 7 samples before landing on Sherwin Williams Angora.

Forgive my poorly-lit photos – this is literally all I could get out of this north-facing room on a sunny Saturday.

D-ig it!

I recently spray painted my Craigslist ginger jar lamps for the third time and the new emerald color (Rustoleum meadow green) is a gorgeous foil for the lavender.  The consensus on IG was for black shades on these puppies.

print: Society 6   //   frame: Ikea

I get most of my art at junk stores/antique stores/goodwill/estate sales and that process takes time. But I knew there should be big graphic modern piece over the sideboard.  This Matthew Korbel-Bowers print caught my eye when I saw it in Erica’s living room.

The hardest part will be filling the walls with cool art that looks collected over time and not forced #tallorder.  I have some cool stuff left in my collection (the lake painting below) and recently picked up a couple cool items at estate sales.  The gentleman sketch below and the Italian ruins photograph.

I also found French furniture illustrations for 50 cents each at Cove Antiques in New Bedford.

This room seriously needs more furniture too.  I’ve been eye-ing the Ikea Malsjo glass door cabinet for the spot where The Ladies are chillin’ right now.

It’s actually a very cool piece in person but it’s a little spenny, even for Ikea, so I haven’t picked it up yet.  380 clams!

And finally, the former planter-in-the-bay-window.  Some people suggested we keep it, maybe put boxwoods in there, which could be cool but this is a north-facing window and besides boxwoods smell nasty.  I can’t have that near my food, so we closed it up.

This definitely should be a window seat, especially since we already perch our little butts there.  But commissioning a custom cover in absolutely necessary performance fabric?  Benjamins!!!  Technically I could attempt this myself but I’m an angry sew-er.  My children, and my cousins’ children, who own quilts I’ve made….I’m sorry to tell you but they’re filled with rage.  The lovely Holly recommended Masterson Upholstery in the ‘Bucket so I’m going to hit them up for a quote.

That’s the dining room update for now.  Lots more work to be done.  What do you think about the lavender?  Am I nuts?

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  1. karen e dutton says:

    You are decidedly not nuts – that wall color is gorgeous!! It is such a great neutral (as opposed to white or cream), and yes, it looks divine next to black. If you ever want/need more artwork, I might have a few things hanging around…just sayin!! And the comparison to Sideshow Bob – hilarious.

    • says:

      Thank, Karen! You know I’m always down to “adopt” stuff other people are looking to get rid of. 😉

  2. Love the new color! It personalizes the space and is really quite beautiful. I also love your humor and honesty. After living in a house of thirty-one years, and getting every room pretty much just like we wanted it, we purchased a house that needs a ton of work in every room. You inspire me! And remind me that I need to be patient, as we tackle one project at a time.

    • says:

      Melissa! Thank you, that’s so sweet. I feel your pain on the home front though. We’re overwhelmed with projects here. Slowly but surely, we’ll get there. Both of us. 🙂

  3. I happened on your blog while searching for a green for my sons bedroom. I love the lavender. I LOVE IT! I know screaming, bt I just would have never thought of that color. Now I am rethinking my space. Thanks for the laughs and love seeing what your doing. I appreciate your hard work!

    • says:

      Thanks, Amber! Never would have thought I’d like lavender walls either. But they’re surprisingly neutral and really warm and lovely. Send me a pic if you try a wacky color. 😉


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