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my dream house is on the market!

Guys.  I’m having a coronary.  One of my New Bedford dream houses is on the market!

I’ve never seen inside the house, only stalked it from the outside.  We used to live around the corner.  The listing doesn’t have many pictures, which is odd.  Either the kitchen and bathrooms have major issues or the realtor has her head on backwards.  9 pictures?  Really?  But what I do see…I love!  I’d buy this baby furnished, thank you very much.

I can’t.  With this wallpaper.  Sooo good.

Look at this goodness.  Very Gray Gardens before cat pee rotted the floor boards.  And yeah, I see those Staffordshire dogs on that fabulous table.

I’m not even playing….we either need to buy this house or I have to sneak into the open house or make the estate sale my BITCH.  Seriously, I’ll camp out at 2am and train Iron Man style for it.

At this price, the house won’t be on the market long.  Probably not even long enough to need an open house.

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  1. Oh yeah , dawg . That’s a beauty. Yum.

  2. Matilda Joyce says:

    Wow. Mold or water damage, maybe? It’s gorgeous though! Love real estalking!

  3. You’re right – at that price it’s probably gone already. Most likely will take the listing price to rehab what hasn’t been shown.

  4. You MUST go to the Open House. It is your duty (this is house stalker code of honor 101)

  5. You know why the kitchen and baths aren’t pictured. They are the first rooms you will have to tackle for the ORC once you buy that gem. I’d take any nightmare of a kitchen to live in that house. Actually, in a house like that, I hope the kitchen’s a wreck because I would want to design it. Please go to the open house. Your readers need more pictures!

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