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one room challenge – foyer closet {REVEAL}

This may be anti-climatic – after all it’s just a closet – but here we go….it’s One Room Challenge reveal day!

This is my third ORC and I still love it.  The pressure, the camaraderie, the inspiration from everyone’s projects.  For a bush league blogger like me, the community aspect of ORC is the best part.  The “point” of my blog is to write, share my perspective (smart ass though it may be) and connect with people.  ORC is a great way to do that.  So thank you, Linda!

Alright, let’s jump into the closet.  Recall this is the puke fest we started with.

Take your time pinning.  I’ll wait.

What the cripes were these people thinking with this wallpaper?  At what point in looking at samples are you like, oh yeah this is the one, my stomach hurts just looking at it.

We planked right over that madness.

Turns out, photographing a windowless closet that resides in a windowless foyer is very difficult.  It was beyond my skill set with the manual setting on my Canon.  Most of these shots are from my iPhone and I’ve come to grips with that.

That’s about all there is to see in this tiny space.  A huge thank you to my husband for all his hard work on the shiplap!  And a big thanks to you all for your support and kind words during this process.  Be sure to check out all the other amazing transformations over at Calling It Home.  The featured participants and the guests rocked it this round.

Paint color – Benjamin Moore Palace Green
Floor basket – World Market
Tote – LL Bean
Wall hooks – Lowe’s
Laundry chute cabinet latch – Martha Stewart for Home Depot
Bowl and tray – Marshalls
Rug – ecarpetgallery on Ebay




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  1. applause from Az.
    Years ago we were house hunting. I opened a closet door for a look inside , it was pimped to the nines. Looked like a boutique inside. I’ve never forgotten it. Yours is very impressive also. No more puke-a-thons for you.

    • says:

      I went to an estate sale in our neighborhood last year and saw a similar bling-ed out closet. Like Mad Men on crack. Thanks, Karen!

  2. Matilda Joyce says:

    I think it looks fabulous! You’ll have to post on how it functions after you’ve used it for a while.

    • says:

      Thanks, Matilda! We just had a dumpster delivered this morning, so this closet should function better in part because we’ll be cleaning out other parts of the house. 😉

  3. Wonderful job, Erin!!! Love everything about it!

  4. karen e dutton says:

    Kudos to both you and your husband…it’s beautiful! From puke fest to spring fest!!

  5. It turned out so good! Love the how the floor works with the rug and the color. Such an incredibly hard space to capture, but you showed it off beautifully! xo

    • says:

      Next ORC I’m picking an easier room to photograph 😉 thanks, Kristin!

  6. Allison says:

    Thus turned out so great! I found your blog through the ORC and can’t wait to see what you do next!

    • says:

      Awww, thank you, Allison! I’m probably going to jump into the next ORC this fall.

  7. Jean Page says:

    The transformation is amazing! It’s beautiful! I would want to keep opening the closet door all day just to keep looking at it if I were you. And your pics are actually very good. A space you will actually want to use now. Question; why did you just have a dumpster delivered?

    • says:

      Thanks, Jean! I keep peeking inside too. The dumpster is for all the crap we brought to the new house two years ago and shouldn’t have. Plus all the non-functional 1950’s built-in around the house. I have a vanity in a mirrored nook in our bedroom. Ugh. And two pink toilets. And a disastrous bar in our basement.

  8. You so miles or with that shade of green. And the shiplap – I’m very impressed with your husband’s work!! Love the monogrammed bag with the touch of blue. And the rug, though not sponsored, is so pretty!! I’m so with you on why you blog. Me too!! Please keep blogging in between the ORC and I’ll see you in October for sure!

  9. Wow. Just reread my comment. Was writing while feeding Rowan and he knocked my hand a bit – and auto correct took over. Point was that I loved the green!! It’s the perfect shade. And I love you. You know your blog is an absolute favorite of mine!!

    • says:

      Lol – I figured autocorrect Thank you, Kate! I love the green too. And I’m SO excited you’ll be jumping back into ORC this fall. Me too…I think. I also can’t wait to get a glimpse of that gorgeous house of yours. Though I know you have your hands full right now with those apple-faced cuties 😉

  10. it looks awesome! i am in love with that green!

    • says:

      Thank you, Cassie! The green is my new favorite. Although now I want to see it in a room with actual windows.

  11. It’s not anticlimactic to me. I love what you did here. Once I got past the fact that you were ruining perfectly good sponge painted wallpaper, I got on board right away. (kidding!! My sense of humor is kind of warped, and I have had very little sleep lately.)

    The green is gorgeous!

    • says:

      Stacy! I carefully peeled off the wallpaper and mailed it to you. It hasn’t arrived yet? Crap. Thank you for your sweet comment! I’m loving the green too.

  12. I can’t even deal with that Before wallpaper. You guys have done an awesome job with that small space. Don’t ever tire of green, m’kay? You use it so well.

  13. Nothing better than walls covered in green! 🙂 Love how this turned out.

    • says:

      Coming from the queen of green…that is high praise. 😉 Thank you, Emily! The color reminds me of your porch floor.

  14. This turned out so great! I love it. Well done, Erin!

  15. Hooray for no more puke closet! It’s a million times better now! I love how it turned out!

  16. Is closet envy a thing? If so, I’ve got it. Love this transformation.

  17. Also soldier envy…

  18. I’m late to the party, but man I love this space! The color, the floor, the planked walls….I love when people bring beauty to unexpected spaces- just makes life a little happier 🙂 Great job.

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