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one room challenge – foyer closet {week 4}

It’s Week 4 of the One Room Challenge!  From here on out, it’s all about the fun stuff – the DETAILS!

I know it’s just a closet but the choice of rug for this space has stressed me out.  In my mind, the rug should cover as much of the footprint as possible, to make it seem more like an actual room.

Lucky for me, Stark Carpet was very interested in partnering on this high-profile and dynamic project.  They reached out to me and will be sending us an antelope rug, custom-cut for our foyer closet #soblessed #itsahardknocklifebutsomebodysgottadoit.

Wait, sorry, that’s the paint fumes talking again.  Seriously though….how stunning would this antelope rug be with the green walls?  Meow.  Or whatever antelopes say.  (Consult your local terrestrial mammalogist for more information but antelopes are an ungulate so….moo?)

Okay, back to reality – I initially bought this vintage rug from Carpetsmall on Etsy to go in the closet.

In person, it was more orange than it looked online (not what I was going for) and plus I really like it in front of the console table, so I had to start over.

Not shocking to anyone – it is flipping hard to find a 3’x4’-ish vintage oushak rug in just the right color, pattern, patina and price.  Like, impossible.  I briefly considered a custom-cut bound seagrass rug from Pottery Barn but….snooze….and besides those jamokes charge out the yang for everything.  I refuse to give them money.

Given these issues and my completely one-sided relationship with Stark, I had to switch gears.  This wool kilim from Ecarpet Gallery was super affordable and I liked the colors – some green to tie in with the walls and red for warmth.  It’s not a deliciously faded oushak, obviously, but it’ll do.  It can always be placed down the line, if I find something stellar.

Watching the shiplap come to life this week has been fun though.

Green gorgeousness.  Come to mama.

And a real life, evening time shot.  Second coat just went on.  Moana soundtrack on constant repeat.  My kids can’t stop, won’t stop.

Hardware and art (yes, art in a closet) go in next week.  Fingers crossed for the sunniest week EVER to photograph.  A windowless closets is not a camera’s friend.  I think I need a clear incandescent bulb in here, not a frosted LED.  Maybe that will help things….it still seems so dim.

(From a sexy ORC/Pinterest-worthy image perspective, what was I thinking choosing this room?  No natural light?  Oh right….Bubonic Plague snakeskin…now I remember)

We’re closing in on the finish line!  Be sure to pop over to Calling It Home and check up on the ORC featured and guest participants.  There are over 200 guest participants this round!

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  1. you might want to try the new ‘daylight’ bulbs. They’re not for everywhere but I think it would be a good application here. In my humble opinion , your Honor. A nod to “the good Wife” , may they rest in peace in tv heaven.

  2. Ohmygosh! You totally had me with the Stark sponsorship. I was so worried your Instagram posts would just be one hashtag ad after hashtag sponsor after hashtag partner.

    May I just say that your post might be the only design blog post that uses the word ungulate. That’s why I’m here. Keep the SAT vocab prep words coming, sister!

    • says:

      That’s me….keeping everybody on their toes. And have no fear about the contrived IG feed – never!

  3. I love the green! Our front door is green, and it makes me happy every time I see it. Can’t wait to see how this closet turns out!

  4. The green shiplap looks great! I was so excited for you about the Stark carpet. We can dream, right? I must find a way to DIY antelope carpet….

  5. With stark – first came extreme jealousy then came virtual placement of free Stark carpet into my bedroom and finally I continued reading, you totally got me! I absolutely love the green; it’s the perfect shade. Can’t wait to see the details installed!!

    • says:

      LOL. I thought the “high profile project” part would have been a dead giveaway. This blog post brought you by snark and no money. 🙂

  6. This was the most hilarious send-up of 95% of designer blogs – LOVED IT! I literally guffawed.

    The shiplap and green are just stunning!

    • says:

      Thanks, Sally! I’m shocked how many ORC guest participants have sponsors. Not that I’d kick Lamps Plus or whoever out of bed for eating crackers…but how do they even hook up with them. I’m such a low level blogger, I have no clue 😉

    • I bet you ask sweetly on instagram and tag them… you know, like, “what would go perfectly with this shiplap? Why, antelope carpet from @stark! Who’s up for that?”

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