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one room challenge – foyer closet {week 5}

I’m going to try to be more civilized this week.  While my husband was reading our last ORC post, I heard him guffaw in the other room and then make a surprisingly-accurate water bong sound effect and pretend to blow smoke.  Pretty sure he was mocking my sense of humor and the je ne sais Joliet, Illinois quality of my posts.  To which I reply –  sir, I pay the bills on this blog and will write what I please, get your own creative outlet (cue Destiny’s Child song Independent Woman).  Ps – I don’t smoke weed or own a water bong…..anymore.

Linda, my apologies for putting the words “water bong” and your logo together.

Okay, the final details of the closet….

I combed the internet hard for brass coat hooks.  But it’s difficult to get an accurate read on the finish from a computer screen and all the options I liked were kinda pricey.  Then I popped into Lowe’s to get microfiber rollers and found these affordable and sturdy beauties.

The cabinet latch for the laundry chute is from Martha Stewart Living for Home Depot, which obviously isn’t a perfect match for the brass hooks from Lowe’s but I’m cool with that.  You can barely tell.

We had to update the closet rod too – the old one was galvanized pipe covered in duct tape.  I would expect nothing less from Puking Snake Closet.  A big AHA moment was realizing I should rotate the orientation of the rod.

OMG, I cannot get the lighting right on these photos!!!  Panic.  Why did I choose this “room”?  Breath.  Breath.  Where’s my water bong?

Ignore the color problems and let’s focus on the coat rod.  Instead of having a wall-o-coats smack you in the face when you open the door, I tucked it over to the side.  Much better.  The rod is poplar wood from Lowe’s stained Minwax Special Walnut.

Since we have 12 square feet of space in here, I figured we needed a storage basket on the floor.  I  snagged the medium size basket in this series from World Market.  It has a touch of black in the weave which I love.

We also needed better storage on the shelf to corral items.  These grasscloth wrapped storage bins were on clearance at Home Goods – they’re sturdy, have a lid and the color and texture are great.

And finally….art.
To play up the room-like quality of the closet and make me smile when tossing socks down the chute.  One of my favorite vendors at Acushnet River Antiques is Carolann Burke.  (In her defense and due to the earlier water bong discussion, I should mention we’re not related).  These vintage British soldier watercolors are from her booth.

There are plenty of little bits to pull together and style before the reveal next week.  Fingers crossed I can get the lighting right for the reveal photos.  It’s finally dawning on me that this closet was a really bad choice for a photo-based event.  But I can’t turn back now!

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  1. The color turned out so good and I love the British soldier watercolors. xo

    • says:

      Thanks, Kristin! I’m still playing with the light bulb type and wattage. The color is so hard to capture on camera. Arggg.

  2. The hardware looks so good against the green!

  3. Love your blog!! A good morning laugh is always just what I need. BUT, what I am not laughing about is your closet. Love how the green turned out and those soldier prints are so perfect for the space. Yet another awesome ORC!! Can’t wait for the final reveal. Will you be showing where you stash your water bong?

    • says:

      It’ll live in the closet. Of course. 😉 My husband thinks I write this blog just to make myself laugh. Glad it’s not just me.

  4. oh its going to be stunning! Great job

  5. It looks AMAZING. Seriously. You are a genius with the shiplap. (also, I’m in awe – you work full-time, have 2 kids, and DO ALL THIS. I’m in the same boat – what am I doing!?!)

    Do you have a link for the hooks? Also, in your hook shopping, have you seen *anything* that would be marginally interesting for key ring hooks? THANKS 🙂

    • says:

      I don’t have a link for the hooks – sorry! Just found them at Lowe’s. I was mainly hunting for coat hooks, not key ring. Could you make one? Martha Stewart style with small brass hooks from hardware store. ??

  6. i am dying at the water bong! ha! i might know what one of those sounds like, too, from WAAAAY back in the day. these new fangled ones these days might be quiet. i don’t know.
    loooove this so far and can’t wait to see it revealed!

  7. karen e dutton says:

    If a closet could be spectacular – this is! The green is so pretty, and your (and your husband’s?) woodworking skills are so on point. I’ll say it again, your skills AND your sense of humor slay me!!

    • says:

      Thanks, Karen! Nick mocked my last post so I decided to make the next one weirder 😉

  8. I’d like to move into your closet and fling myself down your Martha Stewart laundry chute whenever I needed a bath. You know your way around the color green. I love Carolann! And your finds. Can’t wait for the reveal!!!

    • says:

      Thanks, Kelly! I love this laundry chute too. I almost never use the entrance in the upstairs hallway but this one gets tons of action.

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